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Lock down - again!

Unfortunately plans for a second major planting session have had to be put on hold. We were particularly looking forward to a group of 30 from the school, led by Outdoors Coordinator Emily Langford, coming to plant on January 14 th. However, if the school is back at half term there will still be time for them to get involved.

Meantime the next 200 trees will arrive on 14th and will be available for people to plant by themselves if they would like to.Their positions are marked out and full instructions will be sent to anyone contacting cwctrust@ or ringing 07903030533/ 01458250091. We'd be thrilled to hear from you!

It appears some people are not sure where the CWCT land is!  Starting from in front of the church, walk away from the green and turn sharp left up Butt Lane. At the top, where Butt Lane meets Dyers Road, carry on straight over into the unnamed lane going north. (It is actually Hellards Hill Lane but isn't marked.)  Follow the lane round two bends, first to right and next to left. Carry on on the next bend to the right, but don't turn, instead walk straight ahead into the CWCT land. You can't miss it now as the 200 trees already planted are very obvious in their green guards! It's a nice walk from the green ,taking 15-20 minutes and can be made into a circular walk if you carry on down the lane and take the footpath to your right before the house at the end of the lane. That brings you out to Dyers Road, cross over and keep straight on back to the green!


Registered charity number 1190031



If you would like to become a member of the Trust and be able to attend meetings and have your say please contact the Secretary at 07903030533 or email

At last we are owners of the land and have secured a grant for 400 trees, with protective guards and stakes - many thanks to Reimagining the Levels and the Somerset Rivers Authority Trees for Water campaign for these.

The lockdown has scuppered our plans for planting until (we hope - please Boris!) after 2nd December, but we hope to get going as soon as possible after that date. The concept is to involve a lot of people - each person/family group planting 7 trees and three shrubs. This way it should be fun rather than a chore and we want as many people as possible to volunteer to get involved. Watch this space and the Curry Rivel website for dates and more information.

In Curry Woods

The CWCT is now a registered charity!

The Curry Woods Conservation Trust is now a registered charity. Thanks to the help of James Mudie, whose input has been invaluable, we received notification that our application was successful on 23rd June 2020. We will now be able to claim gift aid (25% of the pledge value)on qualifying donations, so many thanks to those who have filled in gift aid  forms with their pledge forms. Pledges are coming in to our bank account or by cheque and we are very grateful to those who have already sent money and look forward to receiving more in the near future. If you would like to help us conserve the land at Curry Woods for the community and have not yet contributed please get in touch for bank details or send a cheque made out to Curry Woods Conservation Trust at the registered address.

 Simon Breeze, the County Ecologist,  kindly visited the site and provided a very detailed and extremely encouraging report for us to send to the Charity Commission.  You can view his report and annex by copying and pasting the links below into your browser.

We are planning to organise some guided tours of the woodland as soon as it is possible; trustee Catherine Mowat has kindly agreed to lead these and we look forward to more people getting to fully appreciate the land and why it is so worthy of conservation. 

Thinking ahead, if you find any baby oak trees have appeared in your garden please nurture them - if possible where they are, in a pot otherwise, but take care in digging them up, they have long roots!, then,, when the soil is wetter and so it is safer to lift them, you will be able to bring them to Curry Woods and plant them on one of our planting days.




This organisation has been set up to protect, enhance and extend an area of historic woodland (recognised as part of Somerset's Ecological Networks) by buying it from Somerset County Council. The land matters to the community of Curry Rivel for three main reasons -  firstly because it controls water flow into the built environment, secondly it includes an area that the community will use to plant up to 1000 trees to capture carbon and thirdly to protect the existing high level of biodiversity.